Focused Sessions

The AIP Summer Meeting will cover the broad spectrum of academic and industrial physics activities in Australia with 11 streams. As a part of its Scientific Program, the Summer Meeting will hold a number of Focused Sessions consisting of 3-5 invited talks by eminent speakers on cutting-edge research themes. The Focused Sessions were selected through a competitive process. The successful sessions are listed below.

Advances in Carbon Materials
Chair: Jodie Bradby (ANU)
Dark Matter Particle Physics
Chair: Cedric Simenel (ANU)
Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Metal-organic Frameworks
Chair: Stephan Rachel (Uni. Melbourne)
Molecular Switches: From Emergent Behaviours to Molecular Scale Memory
Chair: Ben Powell (Uni. Queensland)
Nanophotonics and Quantum Meta-Optics
Chair: Igor Aharonovich (UTS)
Precision Particle Physics and Anomalies
Chair: James Zanotti (Uni. Adelaide)
Quantum Biotechnology
Chair: Liam Hall (Uni. Melbourne), David Simpson (Uni. Melbourne)
Quantum Technologies and Computations for Particle Physics
Chair: Magdalena Zych (Uni. Queensland), Archil Kobakhidze (Uni. Sydney)
Scanning Probe Microscopy of Condensed Matter Systems
Chair: Agustin Schiffrin (Monash Uni.), Jack Hellerstedt (Monash Uni.)
Topological States of Matter
Chair: Semonti Bhattacharyya (Monash Uni.)