Poster Presentations

Wednesday 4th December 2019

17:00 – 19:00

Kaleide Theatre Foyer (Building 8, Level 2)

ID Presenter Abstract title
CM-1Jamie Booth Optical Properties of Perovskites with Large Spin-Orbit Coupling from First Principles
CM-2Tyler Gardener Unconventional superconducting states on the honeycomb lattice
CM-3Alexander Nguyen Achieving Aluminum Liftoff for Fabricating a Spin Hall Effect Device
CM-4Mason Paxevanos High Frequency Vibrational Energy Harvesting Using [011] Mn-PMN-PZT Relaxor Ferroelectric Single Crystals
CM-5Roberto Munoz Causal state analysis of blinking quantum dots
CM-6Amani Alruwaili Structure and dynamics in charged colloidal suspensions
CM-7Samir EldemrdashThe colloidal properties of detonation nanodiamonds in water
CM-8Antony Jones Large scale defects for pinning modification of YBCO thin films
CM-9Zhaojin Liu Single Crystal Diamond Thin Film for Dosimeter Applications
CM10Nicholas CollinsSurface Defect Effects for Deterministic Doping in Diamond
CM11Alex HealeyComparison of different methods of spin defect creation in diamond for quantum microscopy
CM12Harish Vallury The Promise of Superconducting Boron Doped CVD Diamond Devices Fabricated by Ion Beam Techniques
CM13Sam ScholtenCryogenic widefield nitrogen-vacancy microscopy – set-up and application
CM14Emma Gill
Growth Mechanisms and Interfacial Properties of Iron Nanoparticles Electrodeposited to Carbon Nanotubes
CM15Ryan Parker Erbium and defect luminescence in SiC nano-pillars
CM16Liam Thomas Towards a scalable silicon based quantum computer
QC-1Graeme Berk Resource Theories of Multi-Time Processes: A Window Into Non-Markovianity
QC-2Aidan Dang Tensor Networks for Quantum Circuit Simulation
QC-3Pedro Figueroa Romero Typicality and equilibration on general quantum processes
QC-4 Taylor Kearney Measuring the Complexity of Open Quantum Dynamics
QC-5Alexander Jakob Deterministic Implantation of Donor Qubits in Si with Nanometer Precision
QC-6Zehai Pang Heavy-Molecule Ion Implantation for Qubit Architectures in Silicon
QC-7Amanda Seedhouse Readout of Silicon Spin Qubits Beyond the Singlet-Triplet Blockade
QC-8Gregory White Efficient drift-robust improvement of two-qubit entangling gates
PP-1Md. Shahinur Rahman Investigation of Viton O-ring performance for the SABRE dark matter experiment
SP-1Nicholas Florent Ferrofluid-based electrospray thrusters in nanosatellites for short-range, lightweight propulsion
ED-1Aesha BhansaliMeasuring Students’ Emotional Engagement with Physics Lectures
AMO1Patrick AdamsSpectroptychography of Iron Oxide/CNT Composite Materials for Battery Technologies
AMO2Paul Jnr Di PasqualeStructural Distortions in Fluorescence EXAFS Due To Spectral Flattening
AMO3Samira Falahatdoost Photoinduced Zeta Potential Changes of Semiconducting Nanoparticles
AMO4Trey GuestEvaluation of an Undulator Soft X-ray Beamline for the Study of 6.x nm Interference Lithography
AMO5Abbas Hussein Bose Einstein condensates of metastable Helium loaded into an optical lattice