Poster submission

The AIP Summer Meeting will host both in-person and online poster sessions. All posters will be digitally displayed, and must be uploaded via this webpage by Friday, 26 November.

Note that all posters will be digital only (i.e., no printed posters are needed), regardless of whether you are presenting in-person or online.

The online poster session is available to all poster presenters.

  • This session will be held in Gather
  • Your poster will need to fit the following specifications:
    • suggested format: .png
    • suggested minimum width: 1000 px
    • suggested minimum height: 600 px
    • maximum file size: 3 MB
  • You will also need to submit a thumbnail image for attendees to preview your poster
    • suggested format: .png
    • suggested width: 500 px
    • suggested height: 300 px
    • maximum file size: 3 MB

The in-person poster session is available to poster presenters attending in-person in Brisbane.

  • This session will be held at The Cube, which displays digital posters
  • Suggested format: .png
  • Poster be in portrait mode with a dimension of 1080 pixels wide x 1920 pixels high
  • Your poster can consist of multiple images (following the specification above) to be displayed on a single display panel with swiping function to circle through slides if you cannot fit all contents within one image. The filename needs to include order of the images (i.e. Name_Stream_a.png, Name_Stream_b.png…). However, if you also want to display in Gather, you need to combine them into a single image file complying with the specification outlined above.
  • Use the following ppt template file to create your poster and export as images: Dropbox link
  • Additional information can be found in this pdf: Dropbox link
  • Submit a zip file if you are submitting multiple images. 

Please submit your poster below by Friday, 26 November.