Friday 6th December 2019

3:00 – 3:30 pm

Swanston Academic Building, Main Lecture Theatre (Building 80, Level 2, Room 7)

Prizes were awarded to students and Early-Career Researchers at the closing ceremony of the AIP Summer Meeting 2019.

Oral Presentation Prize Winners

Early Career Researchers

FirstJackson SmithRMIT UniversityCondensed Matter
SecondMelanie StampUniversity of MelbourneBiophysics
ThirdRafael AlexanderUniversity of New MexicoQuantum Computing


FirstLucy StrangUniversity of Melbourne Astrophysics
SecondFrank ZhangUniversity of MelbourneMedical Physics
ThirdThomas DixonUNSWPhysics Education

Poster Prize Winners

FirstRoberto MunozMonash UniversityCondensed Matter
SecondAmanda Seedhouse UNSWQuantum Computing
ThirdAbbas HusseinANUAtomic, Molecular, Optical

Oral Presentation Judges

  • Dr Glenn Kacprzak, Swinburne University
  • Dr Julie Karel, Monash University
  • Dr Paul Dyke, Swinburne University
  • A/Professor Martin Sevior, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Charles Hill, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Stephan Rachel, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Virginia Kilborn, Swinburne University
  • Professor Brian Abbey, La Trobe University
  • Professor Jared Cole, RMIT University
  • A/Professor Peter Skands, Monash University
  • Dr Anton Tadich, Australian Synchrotron
  • Professor Sven Rogge, UNSW
  • Dr Sean Hodgman, ANU
  • A/Professor Jennifer MacLeod, Queensland University of Technology
  • Dr Nicolas Menicucci, RMIT
  • Dr Gilles Buchs, Silicon Quantum Computing Pty Ltd

Poster Session Judges

  • Professor David Jamieson, University of Melbourne
  • A/Professor Tamar Greaves, RMIT
  • Dr Qiang Sun, RMIT
  • Professor Jodie Bradby, ANU and President of the AIP

Thank you to all the judges who took time out of the conference to assess the work of the upcoming talent in physics.