Our aim is to facilitate an inclusive Meeting that encourages the free exchange of ideas and welcomes all voices in a respectful atmosphere. We invite participation from people of all races, ethnicities, genders, religions, nationalities, ages, sexual orientations and abilities.

As organisers, we are working to try to provide a balanced and diverse program. You can help us build a better, more inclusive summer meeting by forwarding our Call for Abstracts throughout your network, and by sending along your suggestions for presenters and participants that might help to diversify the Meeting.

For the AIP Summer Meeting 2021, we will set clearly articulated goals for diversity, which will be shared on this page.

Official Diversity and Equity Statement

The AIP Summer Meeting Organisers are committed to providing a meeting that aims to uphold the principles of equity and diversity. We acknowledge that inequality exists in the scientific community, in the application of science, and throughout the world. We are committed to providing equal opportunities, and a safe and respectful event free from discrimination. We expect our attendees to treat everyone in a respectful and inclusive manner, and to remove barriers of disadvantage.

Equity and diversity issues are wide ranging and include but are not limited to ethnicity, race, religion, colour, age, relationship status, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, carer responsibilities, socio-economic status, mental and physical health or disability, and nationality. 

In order to address these principles, the organisers aim to:

  • Provide diversity in speakers where possible
  • Ensure equitable treatment for all attendees
  • Ensure that our attendees feel included in all events offered at the meeting.
  • Take positive actions to address inequity and exclusion
  • Lead by example

To achieve these aims the organisers will:

  • Provide a public policy addressing equity and diversity (this statement).
  • Provide a Code of Conduct.
  • Provide data of the representation of women (and other underrepresented groups where voluntarily provided) and provide this data after the meeting to both the AIP and publically on the meeting website.
  • Acknowledge traditional ownership including reaching out to local Indigenous communities to open major events with Welcome to Country.
  • Session Chairs will be instructed to consider speaker selection with this policy in mind.
  • Session Chairs will be instructed to ensure that discussions and questions are conducted respectfully and that there is an equitable opportunity to contribute to the discussion.
  • Support carers to participate more fully in workshops, conferences and professional development.
  • Respect diversity when scheduling event times/days and organising social activities.

Definitions of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Equity – when everyone is treated fairly and impartially.

Diversity – having different attributes and backgrounds, which in turn means people with different skills, experiences and perspectives.

Inclusion – occurs when a range of people from diverse backgrounds and with varied skills feel valued and respected, have access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute their perspectives and talents to improving their organisation.

Sources used to compose this Diversity and Equity Statement

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) acknowledge the following Diversity and Equity Statements have been used to compose this statement. We acknowledge the work done to create these statements and have used the statements with permission.

ANZOS (2021) Equity and Diversity Policy (Australian and New Zealand Optical Society), Accessed on 5 June 2021 < https://optics.org.au/Equity

ARC Exciton Science (2020) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Accessed on: 5 June 2021 < https://excitonscience.com/equity-diversity-and-inclusion-policy>