Scientific Programme Day 1

Wednesday 4th Dec

  • Plenary: Allan MacDonald

    Strong Correlation Physics in Moiré Superlattices formed with Two-Dimensional Crystals

Session I

I.1 Condensed Matter

  • I.1.1 Amie Khosla

    Spin Molecular Orbital Coupling in Organometallic Complexes- A new approach

  • I.1.2 Julie Karel

    Large Anomalous Hall Effect in Amorphous Fe1-yCoySi Thin Films

  • I.1.3 Jesse Vaitkus

    Disruption of helical edge states in topological insulators by magnetic impurities

  • I.1.4 Stephan Rachel

    Impurity bound states as detectors of first-order and higher-order topological insulators

  • I.1.5 Yik Lee

    Transport properties of a two-dimensional electron gas with spin-orbit coupling

I.2 Astrophysics

  • I.2.1 Hannah Middleton

    Searching for continuous gravitational waves from low mass X-ray binaries with known rotation frequencies

  • I.2.2 Refilwe Kgoadi

    Classification of full-length K2 mission light curves using ensemble methods

  • I.2.3 Christopher Newton

    26Al SLR production and its impact on planetary habitability

  • I.2.4 Julian Carlin

    Stress-release modelling as applied to pulsar glitches

  • I.2.5 Wei Jeat (Jack) Hon

    Changing Look Active Galactic Nuclei in the Southern Sky

I.3 Medical Physics

  • I.3.1 Werner Rühm

    Activities of the European Radiation Dosimetry Group (EURADOS)

  • I.3.2 Amirhossein Asfia

    Skin Dose Measurement of 3D-printed Materials for Radiation Therapy Immobilisation Masks

  • I.3.3 Aileen Eyou

    Complete elimination of the beam hardening effect in quantitative absorption tomography using polychromatic x-rays with single-component specimens

  • I.3.4 Greg Peiris

    Robust, affordable radiotherapy accelerators for challenging environments

  • I.3.5 Xuanhao (Frank) Zhang

    Comparison of future hadron therapy synchrotron and beam delivery options

Session II

II.1 Condensed Matter

  • II.1.1 Daniel Creedon

    Anisotropic 3D weak localization in nitrogen incorporated ultra-nanocrystalline diamond films

  • II.1.2 Alexander Tsai

    Heteroepitaxial Growth of SiC on Diamond

  • II.1.3 Khatereh Edalati

    Improve the wetting of Gold-ABA filler on micromachined diamond by using nano-metallic layers via vacuum brazing technique

  • II.1.4 Brett Johnson

    SiC/SiO2-interface-related quantum emitters

  • II.1.5 Chris Lew

    Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance Study of Intrinsic Defects in SiC PN Junction Devices

II.2 Atomic, Molecular, Optical

II.3 Physics Education

Session III

III.1 Condensed Matter

III.2 Particle Physics

III.3 Quantum Computing