Session I

11:00 – 12:30 Wednesday 4th December 2019

Location:Lecture Theatre 1
Lecture Theatre 2
Seminar 1
Chair: Oleg Tretiakov Glenn Kacprzak Suzie Sheehy

I.1 Condensed Matter

  • I.1.1 Amie Khosla

    Spin Molecular Orbital Coupling in Organometallic Complexes- A new approach

  • I.1.2 Julie Karel

    Large Anomalous Hall Effect in Amorphous Fe1-yCoySi Thin Films

  • I.1.3 Jesse Vaitkus

    Disruption of helical edge states in topological insulators by magnetic impurities

  • I.1.4 Stephan Rachel

    Impurity bound states as detectors of first-order and higher-order topological insulators

  • I.1.5 Yik Lee

    Transport properties of a two-dimensional electron gas with spin-orbit coupling

I.2 Astrophysics

I.3 Medical Physics

  • I.3.1 Werner Rühm

    Activities of the European Radiation Dosimetry Group (EURADOS)

  • I.3.2 Amirhossein Asfia

    Skin Dose Measurement of 3D-printed Materials for Radiation Therapy Immobilisation Masks

  • I.3.3 Aileen Eyou

    Complete elimination of the beam hardening effect in quantitative absorption tomography using polychromatic x-rays with single-component specimens

  • I.3.4 Greg Peiris

    Robust, affordable radiotherapy accelerators for challenging environments

  • I.3.5 Xuanhao (Frank) Zhang

    Comparison of future hadron therapy synchrotron and beam delivery options