Student prize winners

Congratulations to all of our student participants, and thank you to the judges, who took on the very difficult task of assessing their work. Our prize winners are as follows:

People’s Choice Poster (Online):  Amira Alghamdi (Flinders)
Materials Intermixing and the Dipole Formation at the TQ1/Conjugated Polymer P(NDI3N-T-Br) Interface

People’s Choice Poster (In-person):  Zhonghua Ma (UQ)
Advantage in Shared Randomness Processing Using Entangled Photons

Best Poster (Online):  Karen Bayros (RMIT University)
Modelling Josephson effects in superconducting nanoscale devices

Best Poster (In-person):  Aida Sadeghi (Griffith)
Phenomenological Emergence of Lorentz Invariance

3rd Place Oral Presentation:  Lara Gillan (UNSW)
Carrier and spin dynamics in emerging photovoltaics

1st Place Oral Presentation (tie):  Luonan Xu (UNSW)
Emergent Spin-State Frustration in Molecular Kagome Frameworks

1st Place Oral Presentation (tie):  Timothy Harris (UQ)
Many-Body Dynamics of Ultracold Polar Molecules in an Optical Lattice