Keynote: Virginia Kilborn

Prof Virginia Kilborn

Swinburne University of Technology

“Probing galaxy formation and evolution with next generation radio telescope surveys”

Location: Lecture Theatre 1 (80.02.07)

Chair: Julie Karel

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Thursday 5th Dec

Probing galaxy formation and evolution with next generation radio telescope surveys
We are currently undergoing a revolution in galaxy evolution studies through new instruments and technologies allowing us to map more galaxies, in multiple wavelengths. This allows for deep studies of the evolution of galaxies over time, which when comparing with galaxy evolution modelling is enabling the picture of galaxy evolution to emerge. In particular, neutral atomic hydrogen (HI) is an excellent tracer of interactions and physical processes occurring in galaxies, enabling us to observe first-hand events such as gas-stripping, tidal interactions, and hydro-dynamical processes that are acting on the gas. When combined with other indicators such as star formation rate, this can elucidate how galaxies are transformed in different environments. Next generation telescopes such as the Australian SKA Pathfinder [1] will provide thousands of resolved maps of the HI distribution galaxies in the local universe. I will outline the state of the art research in this area, and how next generation telescopes will help us to untangle the physical processes acting on galaxies in the local universe. [1]

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